How to see who views your Instagram

How to see who views you Instagram?

You may have wondered who notoriously views your account on Instagram. Perhaps an ex-boyfriend or a newly met girl who has caught your eye. Instagram itself, unfortunately, doesn’t give us a way to see who is visiting us. However, there are ways to find out.

How to see who is viewing your Instagram? – InstaStories

Stories on Instagram are a beautiful exception that shows exactly who saw them. This is a super option especially for small accounts that are not viewed by a few hundred people. Then the task is a bit more difficult.

It’s certainly common for you to take a peek at how many people and who have seen your stories. There’s nothing strange about that. We are simply curious. However, it is worth remembering that we have such an opportunity only for 24 hours after adding it. Even if you highlight InstaStories on your profile, this possibility disappears.

How to see who is viewing your Instagram? – Posts

First of all, do not forget to check your account. It can often happen that while stalking our profile someone will accidentally like a photo. Despite the fact that quickly unpublish it, the notification remains. For the owner of the account it is a sign that this person comes to our profile.

Other signs can be liking comments or even observation. Rarely do people comment on old posts.

Helpful apps – are they exist?

Unfortunately, but there is no application that will show us who enters our profile. It is simply technically impossible. Especially since we are talking about separate software that has nothing to do with Instagram.

Don’t fall for them. Besides the fact that they don’t work they can show you random accounts. Additionally, they pose quite a threat to your data because they steal it. There are also those who charge for it and you get nothing in return.

Account statistics on Instagram

Let’s not forget the most important thing. If you have a business account on Instagram then you have access to your account statistics. This means that you can see who and where your followers are from.

From such statistics you will find out what percentage of women versus men are watching you. Additionally, where they are from and how old they are. You can also schedule times to add posts, using an indicator of what times have the most activity.

How to check who is viewing my Instagram? – Summary

As you can see, there is no method that will 100% show you who is visiting your profile. For that you can find out more or less who your followers are and where they come from. It’s worth going to your business profile on Instagram right now to find out a little more.

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