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The Instagram app like any other app sometimes has crashes. It is advisable to check Instagram Status to stay updated with the current Instagram crashes. Instagram users are already used to the fact that every now and then the application does not work fully properly. It is a matter of constant development and customization for specific devices. Instagram is available on iOS, Android, and as a website, so take a peek at the source of the problem when checking it out.


Live problems map

Sometimes, Instagram problems can only occur in specific locations. It’s a good idea to check the exact location of the problem, especially before an important trip to another city. Check out Instagram’s live map of problems

Most common problems

Instagram users often report problems on Instagram online. It happens that the Instagram problem described by several people is repeated from time to time. It is worth checking most common problems with Instagram below.

Reporting a problem

If you have come across an Instagram service glitch then it is worth reporting it. Sharing the glitch with others will help you prepare for such a situation and avoid panic. Right after describing the glitch below it is a good idea to report the glitches to Instagram.

Why doesn’t Instagram work?

Instagram since 2012 is formally in the hands of Facebook. You don’t have to worry about software support because the application is being developed all the time. Constantly someone watches over the operation of Instagram because it is another place with ads on which Facebook earns money. However, even despite the desire to maintain 100% efficiency, sometimes crashes happen, which are hard to predict. Instagram has its own hosting centers and is responsible for its infrastructure itself. The reason for a failure could be human error or one of the server components not withstanding the pressure. But why is Instagram not working for me?

Instagram has a decentralized server infrastructure. This means that hosting centers are located around the world and have separate zones of operation. Therefore, it can often be that someone from USA or UK may not work something on Instagram and someone from another country may not be affected by the problem.

Instagram crash – what to do?

A crash on Instagram can be caused by many factors. Usually, problems occur when an app update comes in and then there are two ways for a crash to occur. It could be that the new Instagram update is treacly and has a bug undetected by the developers’ backend or the old version of the app stops working for some reason. In both cases, we should uninstall and install Instagram again. This usually helps most users.

If the Instagram crash is more malicious and unexpected then we will surely get the information about it. Instagram with major technical malfunctions shares the current progress in fixing errors and informs about the next steps on its twitter account. Twitter itself is not very popular so for those who don’t know why instagram is not working we have created Instagram status sections in InstGuide.

The most common problems with Instagram

Despite the specialized background of developers, Instagram and Facebook often experience recurring problems. From time to time, users renew their comments, complaining about problems that have already affected them in the past.

Below we have collected the most common Instagram problems we have encountered and received in the form of queries. We hope that none of them have affected you. However, if you had any of the following problems then you will know the proven solution.

Photos on Instagram are not loading

One of the most common problems on Instagram is photos not loading. As we mentioned Instagram has a decentralized network of servers and in addition, separate servers for photos and videos and separately, for site files and scripts.

Such a solution avoids the failure of the global – that is, the application and media. You will admit that it is much better to lose access to photos for a while than to the entire Instagram. In the case of not loading photos, it is also worth checking our Internet connection. If at our place everything is fine then unfortunately we have to wait until Instagram server is put on its feet.

Problem with adding InstaStory

Among the numerous and frequent Instagram updates that we can observe lately, there are some that in addition to introducing new features also break something that worked great. This has also happened with InstaStory. In the case of many updates such as those introducing IG TV, InstaStory stopped working.

The reason for the malfunction, as we found out later, was the turbulence between scripts. However, sometimes it can also be an unusual load on server disks, which can not handle the number of sent stories – for example in the case of mass events and sending stories in one moment by millions of people.

Can’t like other users’ posts

Many people are reporting more and more problems with liking other users’ posts. This happens when we have already liked a dozen posts and want to like more. Since 2018, various algorithms have entered on Instagram to try to make the job of Instagram administration easier.

When it comes to this problem, the most common issue is giving out likes too quickly to others. Instagram is increasingly fighting against mass likes and against the creation of artificial accounts and thus increasing the likes for themselves. The solution here is a moment of patience. From experience, after waiting about 240 seconds you should be fine.

Instagram app unexpectedly shut down

The problem of Instagram app unexpectedly shutting down and more may be very familiar to people with an Android phone. Unfortunately but many developers have a problem with optimizing their apps well on Android phones. Instagram’s unexpected shutdown is due to the fact that Instagram developers have to customize it for many versions of Android and the many devices that work with it.

iOS users are unlikely to be familiar with this problem because in the case of Apple devices, developers are really only tasked with optimizing their apps for a handful of devices with a single, well-functioning software. Unfortunately, however, there is not much of a solution for Instagram shutting down on Android devices. Ridiculously, we can say that the solution is to buy an iPhone.

Unable to refresh current posts on Instagram

Refreshing news is an activity that every person with Instagram on their phone does on average several times a day. Sometimes, despite dragging a finger down the app on the start screen, we are unable to see new posts. The same can be the case with new InstaStories not loading.

Usually this problem is related to our internet connection or using a strong antivirus. Our internet connection should also be quite fast, so when using LTE in small towns we may have a problem to refresh current posts on Instagram. When using an Antivirus, it is a good idea to turn it off for a while because it may block content on Instagram.

Is your Instagram not working? Share this!

If your Instagram has stopped working or you have noticed that one of the features is not working then be sure to let us know about it. Sharing information about bugs and glitches will help others calm down and prepare for such a situation. We are creating a supportive Instagram community 🧡

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